Top Reasons to Stop Putting Off a Visit to the Dentist

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In spite of the fact that millions of people across the country suffer from Odontophobia, which is the DSM-IV classified phobia of the dentist, people are running to dental offices in droves to have cosmetic dental work done. Be it a quick painless procedure like teeth whitening, a longer process such as invisalign braces, or an intense dental implants mini surgery, more than 2.6 million procedures are performed every year in the United States alone. If you are one of the nearly 100 percent of Americans who believe that a great smile is a social asset, here are a few facts you should know before you try to find a dentist.

A dental implant, which is actually is the only cosmetic dental procedure on the market tod Continue reading

You May Have Gum Disease and Not Even Know It

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It’s estimated that over three quarters of all Americans suffer from gum disease in some form, but are unaware of it. Different stages of different diseases present differently in the gums, and you may not know you have a problem until the damage reaches the surface — or worse, destroys the root of your tooth.

So you may be asking yourself, “How can I take care of my teeth if I can’t even tell there’s anything wrong?” The answer is simple: regular checkups. The insidious and often invisible nature of gum disease is perhaps the best argument for regular, scheduled dental exams every six months (or sooner, if you have questions or concerns in the meantime). Your family dentist knows the signs, and can often spot gum disease Continue reading

Teeth Whitening in America

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With all the possible dental procedures available, teeth whitening is the most popular one in the United States. Over $1.4 billion dollars are spent every year on whitening products and procedures, from whitening chewing gums all the way to porcelain veneers.

Laser teeth whitening, for example, is an advanced approach to chemical whitening, where a bleaching agent (usually carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) is applied to the enamel and then exposed to a high-intensity light source. Contrary to the common name, a “laser teeth whitening” procedure doesn’t actually use the laser to whiten the teeth—rather, the light source activates the bleaching agent, which oxidizes stains and discolorations from the Continue reading