What a Dentist Can Do that You Can Not Do at Home

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Recently my father in law had a very bad toothache that he was taking painkillers for. As I watched him sit in pain, ibuprofen barely taking the edge off, I suggested that he see our family dentist. He scoffed and said that there was nothing a dentist could do for him that a good teeth brushing and swishing with mouthwash couldn’t do. I tried to convince him otherwise but to no avail. Not surprisingly, his teeth are in very bad shape.

There are many people who feel this way about general dentistry. Oral services seem to have become optional in peoples benefits packages. Maybe it is because we are now required to have health insurance and they don’t want anymore money taken out of their paycheck, but a lot Continue reading

What Do Periodontists Do?

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Most people are aware that they must take care of their teeth. They follow or try to follow a regular routine of oral hygiene – brushing, flossing and mouthwash to prevent decay and bad breath. But gums are just as susceptible to disease and bacteria as teeth, and don’t get much attention. For people who might be wondering why see a periodontist, the answer is simple. Periodontists treat gum disease of various kinds. They also place dental implants, which are a new and more convenient alternative to dentures.

What do periodontists do?
Periodontists specialize in treatment of the support structures of your teeth, including the gums, cementum, periodontal membranes, and alveolar bone. Their work includes prevention, diagnosis, and Continue reading

8 Tips for Finding the Best Cosmetic Dentist for You and Your Situation

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It is no secret that people across the United States like to have good looking teeth. Nearly all Americans think that having a good looking smile is important to their social life. Approximately 99.7% of all Americans say they feel this way. It is for this reason that more and more people are turning to cosmetic dentistry to get better looking smiles. Cosmetic dentistry procedures include crown, veneers, bonding, contouring and bleaching. Cosmetic dentists have a number of tools that they can use for fixing or replacing chipped, discolored, misshapen, crooked or missing teeth.

If you are in the market for a good cosmetic dentist, here are some tips to help you find the right one:

  1. Talk to your friends, family and coworkers. Given how many of us want to have nicer Continue reading