Missing Teeth Aren’t Just Unsightly They Can Increase Your Chances Of Bone Loss In The Jaw

You brush your teeth twice per day. You make sure to floss after every meal. You even go the extra mile and make sure to rinse.

Yet despite all your hard work…you’re finding yourself in need of a tooth extraction procedure. Good oral health isn’t just the day-to-day habits we build over time. It’s also making sure to check with medical professionals on a regular basis to ensure nothing is slipping past our radar. When you have an impacted canine tooth or painful cavity that needs attending to, it’s best not to wait it out and hope it goes away. A dentist can spot the underlying issue and make sure you’re well on your way to enjoying good oral health again.

What are the effects of an impacted canine tooth? Can you have alcohol after tooth extraction? Read up on the most common questions below.

Do I Need To Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

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Three Ways Invisalign Braces Can Correct an Individual’s Teeth

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Invisalign braces are beneficial for anyone who would like to have straight teeth, but worries about how their smile would look with a mouth full of metal. Since many people feel this look is not professional, and can get in the way of having good self-esteem, but would like to have straight teeth, they might not want to deal with braces. Thanks to invisalign braces, they can achieve their goal of having a new smile, without worrying about how their mouth looks. Here are three benefits of having invisalign, and how it can help individuals of all ages.

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