Knowing which Oral Surgery Procedures You May Need

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While there are a lot of people scared to go to the dentist, having a great smile is seen as highly important. Many have argued that a smile can impact job prospects and how people perceive you. There are many different oral surgery procedures that one may consider to improve their smile or deal with a problem they are having.

One option is dental implants. These are individual teeth that are implanted to replace missing teeth. Nearly seventy percent of American adults have at leas one missing tooth. Since their inception, over three million people have had dental implants and that number is growing quickly.

Dental implants have a reported ninety-eight percent success rate, and are more permanent and real looking than other options. The dental implant procedure is fairly straight forward and patients experience a fast recovery time. The ability to get a single tooth implant avoids the need to go without, but also the frustration and expense of a bridge.

Another fairly common procedure is wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom tooth surgery can vary based on the condition of the teeth and the surrounding area. For some, it may be as simple as pulling teeth. However, for others, it may be much more involved with a painful recovery time.

Most oral surgery procedures like these are designed to fix problems. If you’re missing a tooth, you get an implant. If your wisdom teeth are giving you trouble, you get them removed. Other oral surgery procedures are elective and designed to improve the look of your smile only.

For example, you may choose to get veneers to cover your natural teeth. Veneers give the appearance of natural teeth, but are perfectly shaped, straight, and white. Veneers are placed over the surface of the tooth, and once they are installed, they can not be removed due to the process of how they are put on, which includes grounding down the surface of the tooth.

Depending on what your particular problem is, you may need to look into jaw surgery procedures to understand the risks and benefits. Jaw surgery may be needed if the look and aligned of your teeth is due to a misshaped or misaligned jaw.

Tom Pultney

Tom Pultney

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