Preparing for Your First Spinal Orthosis

Enhancing mobility

A spinal orthosis is often used to help treat patients living with conditions affecting the spine. These braces often help a patient immensely in terms of enhancing mobility. With that in mind, here is a helpful guide to help prepare you for getting your first spinal orthosis.

What Conditions a Spinal Orthosis Treats

The spine is one of the most important areas of the human body. There are many vertebrae, muscles, and nerves that surround the human spine. A spinal orthosis is made to help people living with spinal conditions experience a more comfortable way of life. Common conditions treatable with a spinal orthosis helps with spinal fractures and dislocations. In addition, a spinal orthosis is commonly used to help treat conditions including scoliosis and osteoporosis.

Preparing Your Custom Back Brace

The process for receiving a spinal orthosis is relatively quick to complete. You’ll want to book an appointment with an Orthotist. These professional begin creating a spinal orthosis by placing your spine in the proper position. Back braces help to decrease the size of spinal curves while keeping the spine straightened. In some cases, a 3D mold will be made from how your spine is formed when it is properly aligned. In turn, this mold is the basis for which a spinal orthosis is formed.

Having the Best Experience with Custom Orthotics

Customized back braces are made to form to someone’s specific measurements. However, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little strange while getting used to a spinal orthosis. Your Orthotist will have a specific plan prepared that details wearing and cleaning instructions for your brace. It’s important to not use harsh solvents or cleaners while cleaning a spinal orthosis, soap and water clean back braces well. If you’re experiencing pain during or after wearing a back brace, you’ll want to contact your Orthotist.

To summarize, there are several steps to know about when having a spinal orthosis made for you. These braces help keep the spine properly aligned. Many conditions affect the spine, most of which result from either trauma or medical conditions. Many spinal protective braces are first formed by collecting a mold of a patient’s spine. In turn, this mold is used to create a patient’s actual spinal orthosis. Your Orthotist will help ensure you know how to properly care for your back brace. If you experience lasting pain or discomfort with your spinal orthosis, it’s best to make an appointment with an Orthotist to have adjustments made. Many people living with spinal problems find that a customized back brace brings them much needed relief.

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