5 Benefits of Receiving Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign braces

Statistics show that 74% of adults feel a smile that is not attractive can hurt someone professionally. One of the most popular devices for correcting teeth are Invisalign braces. It’s imperative to find a dentist that specializes in Invisalign services. An Invisalign dentist helps many patients achieve the smile of their dreams. It’s understandable to wonder what makes Invisalign braces popular. Here are five important benefits of Invisalign braces.

  1. Improved Smile

    An Invisalign dentist applies these braces on patients for a wide variety of reasons. Statistics show that 32% of people report being concerned with how their teeth appear. Many conditions can cause teeth to lose their perfect appearance including gaps, crowding, and bites that are out of alignment. It’s important to note that not all patients can have straight teeth through the use of Invisalign braces. You’ll need to visit a dental office in order to have a dentist evaluate the best treatment procedures to utilize.
  2. Subtle Appearance

    Many patients find that traditional braces are hard to conceal. It’s understandable that you don’t everyone around you to notice recent dental work. Many people choose to correct their smile with Invisalign due to the fact that these braces have a subtle appearance. An Invisalign dentist will create braces tailored specifically to your teeth that don’t draw any unwanted attention. Invisalign braces are clear in appearance which makes them more like a retainer than traditional braces.
  3. Easier to Keep Clean

    People who have received traditional braces know it takes work to keep them clean. Traditional braces are made and fitted using brackets and wires. Someone with braces needs to regularly clean these wires and brackets which gets tedious. If you’re using Invisalign braces, you’ll just need to remove your aligners. After your aligners are removed, you can begin brushing and flossing.
  4. More Freedom in Food Choice

    Statistics show that 99.7% of adults feel that healthy smile is important, especially in social situations. A person wearing traditional braces knows that certain foods can leave their smile looking like a mess. If you receive Invisalign braces, you’re free to enjoy sweets and popcorn. An Invisalign dentist will likely recommend that you try to consume small amounts of candy. However, many patients prefer a dentist clinic providing them with Invisalign to not miss out on certain foods.
  5. Most Patients Complete Treatment in a Year

    Many people are concerned with how long they’ll have to wear braces. You’ll be happy to know that an Invisalign dentist typically uses these braces on a patient for about a year. In many cases, traditional braces must be worn for multiple years in a row. Patients that want to have straighter teeth as fast as safely possible often utilize Invisalign braces. Many patients are surprised at how few visits needed to be made to a dental clinic to complete treatment.

In closing, there are several benefits of Invisalign braces. These braces help patients achieve the smile of their dreams. Invisalign braces are clear in color which makes them subtle in appearance. You’ll find that Invisalign aligners are far easier to keep clean than traditional braces. These braces allow patients to consume foods including popcorn, gum, and candies without fear of anything becoming stuck. Many patients complete Invisalign treatment within a year.

Tom Pultney

Tom Pultney

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