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Alternative Payment Options for Needed Dental Procedures


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Next to a fear of the dentist, cost is one of the most common reasons for avoiding the dentist. Many dental procedures are not covered by regular health insurance and can get very expensive. It often seems easier to just put these dental procedures off, until financial situations are better. However, this is not always an option, especially if you are dealing with chronic dental pain, like chronic jaw pain treatment. Because dental procedures are needed to reduce pain and improve health, these options may help you cover your pricey dental needs.

Dental treatment under regular health insurance
Depending on the type of pain or the specific condition, some dental procedures may actually be covered under your normal health insurance plan. The dental conditions or mouth pains that are covered are usually ones that do not affect only the teeth, but rather the entire mouth. With about 35 million people in the U.S. diagnosed with TMJ, some people may find coverage within their regular health insurance plan.

Dental specific insurance
Many insurance providers also offer additive insurance in the form of dental and vision. When you add these specific insurance plans to an already existing coverage, the premiums are very affordable. The dental specific insurance might not cover all of your needed dental procedures, but will handle a portion of it. When you require extensive dental work, like dental crowns or dental bridges, the assistance can be the difference of going through with the procedure or not. You will also find that dental insurance covers routine checkups and cleanings, which are important to your overall dental health.

Medical specific plans
An alternative method of health insurance has popped up all over the country. This is a supplemental type of insurance that covers alternative medical needs, such as dentistry, vision, and some cosmetic dentistry. This is credit based insurance. You have to apply for credit, much in the same way you would for a vehicle or house. If you are approved, you will be offered a low interest rate credit card that is specifically used for required medical procedures. Monthly payments are small and this can be a very affordable option.

Payment plans
Because of financial constraints, more and more dentists are offering payment plans. Instead of taking out credit with an external company, you take out credit directly with the dentist?s office. Payment plans are a common payment method for procedures such as braces, dental veneers, and dental crowns. You receive your required dental work and simply make monthly payments to the dentist. Sometimes, credit checks may be required, but that depends entirely on the requirements of the dentist.

The importance of investing in yourself
Budgeting and saving for needed dental work is another option. Although this option may be more difficult to achieve, it is a great way to receive your dental work without going into debt. It may be tough at first to put away your extra money for dental work, like dental crowns, but think of it as an investment in yourself. About 74% of adults think an unattractive smile can hurt them professionally, according to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey. Poor dental health can increase missed work days and reduce overall self confidence, both leading to declined work performance. This affects your ability to grow and develop in your chosen career.

Dental procedures can be fairly pricey. If you do not have access to dental insurance, some of the procedures can be impossible. However, finding alternative payment methods may be an option. You can receive your dental crowns or implants by adding a supplemental dental insurance to your current plan, taking out a medical credit card, or arranging payment plans with your dentist. Investing in yourself is important and can directly affect your ability to increase your current financial situation.

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