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Best Tooth Fillings For Your Budget


UPDATED 3/4/21

Do you have a tooth cavity? Or perhaps your tooth is broken or cracked. If yes, you may soon need to visit your nearest dental practice for a tooth filling. Are you wondering what tooth filling is? Well, a filling is a tooth treatment whose aim is to restore the decayed part of the teeth. It’s quite a common procedure, and most people will need it at least once in their lifetime.

There are several types of tooth fillings. Unsure which one is right for you? The correct type of tooth filling depends on the extent of tooth damage, if you are allergic to filling materials, the location of the cavity, and your budget.

One of the most common types of tooth fillings is composite restoration teeth. This composes of tooth-colored filling materials made of plastic and glass used to fill cavities and restoring damaged teeth. Composite for teeth fillings are aesthetically appealing, but they are susceptible to stains, depending on what you are eating or drinking.

What’s the composite fillings front teeth cost? The cost depends on the number of teeth requiring filling, the size of the cavity, and the teeth’ location. On average, composite fillings cost between $150 and $350 for one or two cavities, but sometimes a chipped tooth repair can go as high as $1,000. But with insurance, you can significantly reduce the cavity cleaning and filling cost.

It’s no secret that going to the dentist isn’t fun for a lot of people. With a success rate of 98%, dental implants won’t leave you with any bad feeling in your mouth. In terms of money, root canal cost and filling cost are completely reasonable. When it comes to avoiding tooth extraction, you’re going to look towards gaining tooth filling. We look at a few fillings that are commonly used to save your smile.


Gold fillings are the most popular kind of filling out there. Many celebrities are caught showing of their shiny gold foil on social media. The great thing is these are some of the most durable fillings available with a 20 year lifespan. With a small root canal cost, you’ll be ready to flash your pearly whites in no time. Unlike many fillings, you’ll need multiple visits to the doctor to get it properly attached.

Composite Resin

Having glass and plastic in your mouth might sound scary, but composite resin fillings deliver great results. These fillings are a combination of the two aforementioned items, and they’re a great bargain. A disadvantage of using composite fillings involves the color changing when you’re devouring something staining like coffee. For smaller cavities, these have a longer lifespan.

Composite Porcelain

Composite porcelain fillings offer you 20 years of satisfaction in your mouth. A major reason why composite porcelain filling usage has high praise involves its near natural appearance. Many people won’t be able to tell you have fillings in your mouth with this one. These particular fillings also don’t have any sort of toxic materials that can harm your body. In order to keep these filling intact, you’ll need to have several visits to the doctor.


In the past, amalgam fillings gained some controversy about its use of mercury. Fortunately, many studies have decided that mercury released in your mouth is almost nonexistent at times. These kind of fillings are suitable for any child aged six and over.

When it comes to your teeth, quality is important for your everyday life. With a new set of fillings, you’ll be able to deliver big smiles at your next meeting or night out on the town. Head to your local doctor today to discover what’s best for you. With the best dental implant prices available, you’ll be leaving the office without a worry.

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