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The Day-to-Day for a Family Dentist


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Routine dental check-ups are crucial for good dental and overall health, but what does a dentist do day-to-day? This video shows one family dentist‘s daily routine.

When the dentist arrives at the office, he first greets his staff and gets himself ready for the day’s appointments. He will return calls to patients and check his schedule to get everything ready. If there are more intricate procedures, he prepares equipment beforehand to make it go smoothly.

The dentist then briefs his front-of-house staff on payments that need to be collected and the general schedule of the day. The dentist then works with his assistants to double-check the procedures for the day to make sure that everything is set up correctly. This part of the day is important because the preparation will ensure efficient visits and room for emergency visits. .

When a patient comes in for their appointment, the dentist will brief them on the procedure they are getting done and the assistant will take the patient’s blood pressure. He will also discuss home care to educate the patient on their own responsibilities.

The dentist will likely be dealing with dental procedures while other patients undergo routine hygiene with dental hygienists. The doctor will make time during his procedures to go double-check these patients’ teeth.

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