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Do you know when and where the first toothbrush was invented? If you said “West Virginia” you are quite wrong. Although there is evidence that toothbrushes were used many centuries ago in ancient China, the first tooth brush in Western culture was actually invented by a British prisoner named William Addis way back in 1780.

While imprisoned on charges of inciting a riot, Mr. Addis fashioned his fabulous dental hygiene invention using cattle bone and boar bristles. Even though many improvements on Mr. Addis’s toothbrush would be made over the next 150 years, the first modern toothbrush with nylon bristles would not hit the market until 1938.

Given the fact that it took over 150 years to evolve from bone and boar bristle toothbrushes to nylon toothbrushes, it is pretty amazing how much dental technology has improved over the last half century. Not only can today’s dentists replace missing teeth with mini dental implants and all on 4 dental implants, but dental patients can end up with natural-looking tooth replacements that can last for the rest of their lives. Perhaps most amazing of all is that cosmetic dentistry is more affordable than ever.

When it came to the dental cosmetics that existed a generation ago, the cost was often too much for many people to afford. Therefore, a lot of people with missing teeth could not afford the dental bridges that were used at the time. Although the price of dental implants today is not cheap, many dentists can help their patients manage the expense via convenient payment plans.

We are fortunate to live in an era in which cosmetic dentistry makes it possible for almost anyone to have a second chance at an attractive smile. Sure, it is always better to take care of your natural teeth, but perfect teeth are just not “in the cards” for everyone. For those people, they can feel lucky that it is never too late to improve their smiles.

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