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Dental hygiene association

Did you know that there are over 155,000 dentists in the U.S., and 70% of them are members of the American Dental Association, or ADA? If you are still a dental student, you might be wondering what the benefit of joining dental associations is. There is, after all, association dues that you will need to pay every year in order to call yourself a member. Here are three reasons that many dentists decide that joining an association is worth their time.

1. Professional Development

The ADA is focused on making sure that dentists do the best work possible. Not only do they provide scholarships to students in dental school, but they also offer many services for continuing education. They offer conferences, online courses and seminars for members so that they can improve their dental practices and continue to meet state requirements for licensure. They also issue the Journal of the American Dental Association, which is a monthly scientific journal that features the latest information on oral care advancements and modern dentistry.

2. Advocacy

The ADA is strong on supporting better government measures for oral care. The ADA, for example, encourages states to increase Medicaid funding for child dental care. They advocate at the city, state, and national level for better public oral health and awareness. This advocacy is not only good public service, but it can also help advance your reputation as someone who truly cares about the health of your community.

3. Networking

If you are just starting out as a dentist, then you will need help building your reputation and networking with other dental professionals. Dental associations are a great opportunity to get in touch with others in your profession, and build relationships with other dentists in your area.

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