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Five Simple Tips For Keeping Your Children’s Teeth Healthy Year-Round


Childs first dentist

It can be a legendary feat in of itself keeping your kid’s teeth healthy. After all, skipping brushing sessions and eating sugary treats is much more fun than flossing! When it comes to cementing dentistry for kids, cementing good habits early will go a long way in keeping them as healthy as possible. Since children are going through so many growing stages it’s imperative they have a strong foundation of cleaning habits in place so they can avoid painful cavities, root canals and gum diseases down the road. Need some pointers? The top five tips below will help you on children dental services and easy dentistry for kids.

Visit Your Dental Pediatrician Regularly

Did you know one in five American children go without dental care? An unfortunate reality is that many are unable to afford basic treatment such as teeth cleaning and cavity fillings. The good news, however, is that there are many low-income clinics around the country that can provide simple care for those who are still uninsured. You can do plenty of work on your own, though, to better prepare for when you do go to pediatric dental care!

Try To Prevent Cavities As Much As Possible

More than 40% of children will have one, if not several, cavities by the time they reach kindergarten. Even worse? These cavities can burrow deep into the bone and cause a notoriously agonizing root canal. These painful issues can leave kids grumpy and moody, meaning it’s better for everyone involved if good habits are encouraged. Children with poor oral health are three times more likely to miss out on school as a result of ongoing dental pain. With constant brushing and flossing, however, this can be easily avoided.

Implement Flossing Habits Early On

Brushing is a good way to create clean gums and shiny teeth. Dentists often recommend brushing for around two minutes for the full effect. But that’s not all there is to the equation! Flossing is necessary to break down plaque and remove hard-to-find bits of food in-between teeth, that of which can lead to cavities and even root canals if neglected over many days. Flossing should be done at least once per day, though many dentists recommend after every meal. Since children often prefer a lot of sugar, this means they have to stay on top of flossing even more than usual.

Use Additional Resources To Encourage Healthy Teeth

Dentistry for kids means becoming comfortable with flossing and brushing. But what other resources can encourage a happy smile? Fluoride varnish, also known as a high concentration of fluoride coating painted onto the teeth directly, can prevent a stunning one-third of decay in baby teeth. Studies have shown sealants being able to reduce decay in permanent molars by around 80% for two years after they’re placed, to boot. Last, but not least, a good mouthrinse can top of a brushing and flossing session quite nicely!

Give Your Child The Best Smile Possible

Dentistry for kids involves regularly visiting pediatric dentistry alongside teaching your child important techniques. Remember that if your child is younger than two years old, fluoride toothpaste should be avoided unless your dentist says otherwise. Good dental care should start as soon as your baby’s teeth are visible, which usually happens at four months of age (though this can vary). There are soft, gentle toothbrushes that can be used for babies, perfect for breaking up food and keeping their gums happy. Last, but not least, replace toothbrushes every few months to maintain their effectiveness. Keeping your kids’ teeth happy can be difficult, but with a little work and a little awareness everyone will be smiling year-round!

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