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Free Dental Care Charity Event


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The Free Dental Care Charity Event is a video that showcases how a community can come together to give back to less fortunate people through giving free dental care to children. Ceram Dental Clinic contributed immensely towards this initiative that was hosted by the Bahrain Hotels Concierge Group to give children from disadvantaged backgrounds free dental care for a lifetime. The purpose of this event is to give the best and comprehensive dental care to young people who do not have the financial support to afford these services.

Dental health awareness is very important for oral hygiene and to protect yourself from gum disease. Moreover, good oral hygiene does not stop with an amazing smile, there are reported benefits to a person’s overall health. One of the most crucial aspects of maintaining healthy teeth and gums is that it reduces a person’s risk of heart disease, even though studies of the relationship between heart disease and healthy teeth is inconclusive, there is still a link between these two seemingly unrelated components. Gum disease is known to increase body sugar levels in a person’s body, therefore, the effect of this is diabetes, so if you are already diagnosed with diabetes it is important to maintain healthy teeth and gums to avoid any unplanned spike in your sugar levels.

When a person has poor oral hygiene, their mouth becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria can travel to that person’s lungs and cause inflammation and if this goes unchecked or untreated, it can cause an infection that could lead to pneumonia and bronchitis. Furthermore, the release of chemicals from inflamed gums can travel to the brain causing some parts of the brain cells to deteriorate and this can result in memory loss over a prolonged period.

It is without saying that good oral hygiene leads to strong and healthy teeth and gums if a person enjoys eating sugary nutriment, they will be prone to accelerated teeth decay. Not many people can afford a bi-yearly dental checkup and that is why the staff at the Bahrain Hotels Concierge Group have worked with the Ceram Dental Clinic to give these young children a chance to a better healthy lifestyle by giving them free dental care. This event was filled with a lot of fun activities and information booths to ensure that these children and their parents know the basics of dental care. It is not every day that a person can receive a free orthodontic service and this charity event provided that and much more for families who cannot afford it.

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