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Free Dental Care For Under Privileged


East Hartford – Dental care is still not affordable to most Americans, even with the Affordable Care Act in place. Only people within a certain income threshold can afford dental care.

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The average price for clear aligners costs anywhere from $3,000–$7,000, and this price differs from dentist to dentist. Some people who can afford dental care use their insurance to pay it. Goodwin Dental Hygiene College realized this and decided to offer free dental care clinics for those who can’t afford dental care. The Goodwin Dental Hygiene program is designed to prepare students to become ready to assist patients.

Students check people for cavities and other things. Anyone is allowed to come and be checked.

Elizabeth Bonin who is one of the people treated by Goodwin Dental Hygiene for free, says she couldn’t afford dental care as she was going through a rough patch. Meanwhile, Natalie Lafreniere, a clinical coordinator at Goodwin Dental Hygiene says there is a lot of clientele in East Hartford. Lafreniere and her students are using a slew of technological equipment to check patients.

They can view charts, and other dental information with a click of a button There is no paperwork, everything is displayed on a screen.

One of the students, Nicole Summa thinks what they do is helping people. According to Nicole, she has never had insurance or a dental cover so she also relies on the free dental service. Apart from helping patients with cavities, Goodwin Dental Hygiene helps patients who have a smoking problem by using smoking cessation.

Goodwin Dental Hygiene College continues to bridge the gap between those who can afford dental care, and those who can’t. People from houses with lower incomes can now access a quality dental service that costs other people thousands of dollars.

Goodwin Dental Hygiene opens from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am till 9:00 pm. The facility is open to anyone, irrespective of age. Adults aged 19 to 64 with incomes below 100 percent are more than welcome to get a free dental service. Dental care is a basic need that should be accessible to anyone. In order for people to remain healthy, they’ll need oral health care that can keep bacteria and cavities under control. However, without a proper health care center, that will be highly impossible. Visit Goodwin Dental Hygiene College today, and get a free dental care service. It will save you from the excruciating pain of extracting a decayed tooth.


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