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How Braces Are Put on Kids

If you are seeking a solution to your kids’ dental problems, this video may be what you need. In the video, they discuss orthodontics for kids and what you should know about the process. The orthodontist will take an impression of your child’s mouth and make a series of wax models. The dentist will then use these models to create a custom-made wire that perfectly fits your child’s mouth.

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Your doctor will first measure the size and shape of each tooth and mark them with colored dots to show where they’ll attach brackets. Then they’ll use dental cement (an adhesive) to secure each bracket to its spot on top of each tooth. The wire is attached to brackets that are bonded to the teeth. A rubber band is placed between each frame to exert pressure on the teeth, slowly moving them into position.

Orthodontics for kids is ultimately the same as it is for adults. The dentist will place them on your child using the same method. The doctor will tighten or loosen these wires every few weeks until your kid can wear them comfortably for 24 hours a day. The process can take several months, but once complete, your kid should have perfectly aligned teeth.

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