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In the United States right now more than 30% of all people say that they are genuinely concerned with the look and quality of their teeth. This statistic is fascinating to read because so many people hate the dentist’s office and hate scheduling appointments with their dentist. This is not new and people have disliked this idea for quite some time and often loathe having someone prod in their mouth which can be gross.

Even though many people do not like visiting the dentist’s office, it is important that they do so for the safety of each individual tooth in their mouth. If they do not visit the dentist’s office then they can easily have a build up of tar and plaque that can be incredibly dangerous to the overall health of their mouth. Here is what everyone should know about taking care of every single tooth in their mouth.

When taking photographs, just about 18% of all people have stated that they do not want a single tooth to be shown and thus they will conceal their teeth which can lead to an awkward smile. However, if people did not view the dentist’s office as an awful place then every single tooth in their mouth would be as clean as possible and they would have nothing to worry about.

Most people will wait an average time of three years for another dentist appointment but that is not a good way to take care of their tooth and teeth. Instead, these people should at the very least have two different appointments each year. When the tooth is not taken care of it can lead to danger and right now almost 75% of all Americans have some form of the Periodontal disease and almost 80% of all people have at least one cavity by the age of 17.

Removing a wisdom tooth is an outpatient procedure performed on almost 5 million Americans every single year. It is quite common for adults to have a wisdom tooth removed because the mouth can only house a number of 28 teeth. An impacted wisdom tooth is the third molar at the back of the mouth and they cannot develop or emerge normally.

Only 22% of people have stated that they floss in between each tooth every morning and night. Right now, just about 15% of all older people will have dentures made each year. Furthermore, at least 1 in 5 Americans will have one more untreated cavities inside of their tooth or teeth. More than 30 million people in the United States have a missing tooth or are missing all of the teeth in one or both of their jaws.

Right now in the United States, more than 15 million people have crown and bridge replacements for a missing tooth or missing teeth. More than 3 million people have implants and many experts project that number to grow by 500,000 every single year.

Right now just about 10% of all United States dentists are open to placing implants into their patient’s mouths. This market that involved dental implants and prosthetics is projected to reach over $6.5 billion by the year of 2018 as well.

In Conclusion

The health and status of your mouth is so important beyond the simple appearance of your teeth. While it is important to make sure your teeth look good it is even more important to just simply make sure your mouth is healthy. If you do not then you could easily loose teeth and then you will need implants and bridges and crowns. This entire process can be quite expensive and difficult so make sure you schedule appointments with the dentist quite often to ensure that your mouth is in the best possible health.

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