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Introducing You To Dental Hygiene Associations

Dental hygiene association

Founded in 1923, one of the largest dental hygiene associations in operation today is the American Dental Hygienists’ Association or ADHA, which is located in the Near North Side of Chicago. Located in the United States, these dental associations represent the professional interests of more than 150,000 dental hygienists, providing them with education, as well as clinical and therapeutic services. They also publish 2 major publications, which are the national magazine and a scientific journal, as well as several specialty newsletters.

Through all of the work done by the dental hygiene associations there is ultimately one goal. They want to develop communication and mutual cooperation among those who work in the dental hygiene field of dentistry today. This is why there are now 51 state and more than 350 local dental hygiene associations in operation now. In order to manage all of this, there are more than 40 employees that work at the headquarters of this dental hygiene association.

You may actually be pleasantly surprised by just how efficiently these dental hygiene associations are ran. There is a Board of Trustees that acts as the administrative body of the association. They’re responsible for creating a strategic plan, budget and position papers. Then there is the House of Delegates, which is the legislative body. Finally, the ADHA also has 7 councils. The councils are for education, member services, creating policies and bylaws, public health concerns, public relations, regulations and practice and there’s also one for research.

Throughout all of this you can rest assured that each state’s association is duly represented. This is great news for anyone who’s interested in joining the ADHA today because it means that you’ll be able to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your voice will be heard. Of course, it also means that this organization is upholding itself, and its members, to nothing but the highest of standards.

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