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Learn How a Dentist Professionally Deep Cleans Teeth

Most people only consider their teeth when they think about oral health. However, it’s not just the teeth that need to be regarded. The gums play a significant role in your overall oral well-being as well.

In fact, gum or periodontal disease can increase your risk of developing heart problems by about 20%. So if you think about it, healthy gums can contribute to your overall health.

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But regardless of how thorough your oral hygiene routine at home is, tartar and plaque buildup can still happen over time. That’s why it’s critical to go to the dentist every six months to have regular teeth cleanings.

Nowadays, many patients are putting off going to the dental clinic for their routine checkups. So if you’re one of them, it’s very likely that your teeth now need a thorough deep cleaning.

And if you think that regular cleaning is the same as deep cleaning, you’re in for a surprise. In this video by Insider, you’ll discover how a dentist professionally deep cleans teeth.

Deep cleaning using Guided Biofilm Therapy is a unique approach – very much different from traditional teeth cleaning. It uses a purple film to show the patient where bacteria has accumulated on their teeth.

Watch the video to see a detailed demonstration of the procedure from beginning to end. You’ll learn how deep cleaning is a much more effective method than the traditional approach.


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