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Some of the Many Reasons to Visit the Dentist


Research shows that the majority of people associate their smiles with their overall confidence and appearance. People go so far as believing that the quality of their smile directly impacts their ability to get the job they want.

It isn’t too hard to tell when someone is unhappy or self conscious about their smile. They often refuse to smile or will try to cover their mouth in photos. They may even refuse to be in photos.

You don’t have to live like this. There are so many advances in the field of dentistry; regardless of what the problem is, there is a solution. From braces to dentures or implants a simple trip to the dentist can mean a completely new smile and a new outlook on life.

Many people have failed to visit the dentist because they are scared. A fear of the dentist is not uncommon. This can be the result of fearing possible pain, complex procedures, or even a result of an already low self-esteem.

However, most often the fear is based in nothing more than fear. Your dentist can provide you with a simple solution based on your specific problem. Even if your dental problem is the result of years of neglect, it is never too late to visit the dentist.

Dental procedures are more common than many people realize. For example, over 15 million people in the United States have gotten a crown or bridge. Another three million have received a dental implant, and that number continues to grow.

Traditionally, if you needed your teeth replaced, your only option was dentures. Going back to colonial times and beyond, there was a form of false teeth used to allow people to eat normally and maintain appearances despite having to lose their natural teeth.

Implants have taken dentures to the next level in both functionality and appearance. Dental implants are individual teeth implanted into the jaw. This allows patients to replace one tooth or all their teeth. Implants do not come out or cause problems like dentures do. They are permanently fixed inside the mouth.

Because implants cannot be removed, they also cannot be pulled out in normal circumstances, so you can continue to eat as you normally would. They also look very real, so no one has to know that you have implants.

Particularly beneficial when you do not need full dentures, implants are easier to care for than a bridge or crown and require less long-term care. They are also more cost effective given the reduced maintenance and long-term needs.

The first step to meeting the new, happier, more confident you is to visit the dentist. Call today to schedule your visit and explain to your dentist what your concerns are. Too often people think if it is only cosmetic, that means it isn’t really important.

Your confidence and self image are important and you deserve the smile that reflects how you really feel. So even if your teeth aren’t causing you pain or interfering with your ability to eat, if you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, you should schedule an appointment.

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