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Take Care of that Happy, Healthy Smile with Regular Pediatric Dental Services


Pediatric dentistry

As a parent, you love seeing your child’s beautiful smile. When they have dental issues such as cavities, however, you probably won’t see that smile as often because they’re feeling discomfort or in pain. It’s also difficult to eat when children have cavities, as their teeth and gums are sensitive.

Since you know how important it is to practice good dental hygiene at home, you’re probably looking for friendly dental care for your children. The right pediatric dentist will ensure you and your children are comfortable during the appointment, and will patiently answer all of your questions. Furthermore, a highly skilled pediatric dentist knows the latest in pediatric dental care.

Were you aware that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported that almost one-in-five children have untreated cavities? Furthermore, one of the most common chronic childhood diseases is tooth decay, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. This issue is five-times more prevalent than asthma, four-times more prevalent than early-childhood obesity, and 20-times more prevalent than diabetes.

Dental problems have a major impact on a child’s educational experience, according to the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools. Over 51 million school hours are lost every year due to illnesses associated with dental problems. It’s been found that one-in-four children haven’t had a dental check-up prior to starting kindergarten. As a result, over one-thirds of schools in the United States have needed to refer children for treatment.

While proper care for teeth and gums definitely includes brushing after meals and flossing, it also includes changing toothbrushes every few months. One of the most important aspects of caring properly for your children’s teeth and gums, however, is taking them to see the dentist on a regular basis.

When you have friendly dental care for your children, your pediatric dentists will show your children the best methods of brushing and flossing. Your dentist will also discuss how to develop healthy dental habits with both you and your children.

Since you want your children to be happy and have a beautiful, healthy smile, take them for an appointment at a state-of-the-art pediatric dental care office. If they do have cavities or other types of dental issues, then these can be taken care of before their condition worsens.

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