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The Benefits of Attending a Dental School


Today in the United States, dentistry ranks in the top 10 most trusted and ethical professions. After all, Americans care a great deal about their teeth, and unattractive or infected teeth can be a cause for embarrassment or pain for kids and adults alike. A dentist can be a real relief for tooth care, and many Americans have a regular dentist to visit or take their kids to. Dental care takes many different forms, from a routine checkup to a root canal or placing dentures in a patient’s mouth. Meanwhile, the dental industry often proves to be a lucrative one, and a person who attends dental college may have a strong career ahead of him or her. The dentistry industry is growing fast, and many new jobs for dentists, dental assistants, and more are appearing often. A dental school student or graduate can get real-world experience working at a dentist’s office, and dental assistants are often highly motivated and career-oriented. A dental school clinic may be a fine place to get such practice in this field, and employment at a dental practice is a fine way to start any career in dentistry. What kind of education might a student get before they can find employment at a dental practice? And what might one expect with employment at a dental practice?

Dental School

Many American young adults are opting to get into the field of medicine for the teeth. Before getting employment at a dental practice, a prospective student may look for dental schools in their area. Often, a major university will have a dental program that students can enroll themselves in, and there are other options, too. A prospective student can also find vocational schools for dental health, often standalone technical schools that are a popular alternative to universities. Attending these schools can prove highly lucrative.

It has often been demonstrated that a career in dentistry can be a strong one. For example, survey results show that nearly 70% of dental assistants who held DANB’s CDA certification reported getting a raise in their current position. What is more, a huge 95% of DANB CBA Certificants said that they view dental assisting as a proper career and not just a job. Some 89% of DANB Certificants have also reported a high level of job satisfaction. The field of dentistry is not going away anytime soon, and it is set to grow within the coming years. Given how many Americans today go to the dentist regularly for everything from checkups to tooth extraction, it is easy to see how this field is so robust and lucrative. What might a patient expect at the office when their dentist and the motivated assistants take care of them?

At the Dentist Office

A dentist, and his or her assistants, can do a lot of good for a patient today. Many such assistants are highly motivated, as mentioned before, and eager to get experience and practice caring for their patients to expand their expertise. A patient may be in good hands, and there may be many options for finding a local dentist’s office. Americans who don’t already have a dentist for themselves or their kid are urged to look up local offices and visit them as soon as possible.

Sometimes, a routine checkup or cleaning is all that is needed at a dentist’s office visit, and younger patients may have sealant placed on their teeth to help protect them. Other times, more dedicated procedures may need to be done, such as putting in dental implants. Many Americans have dental implants, such as dentures or bridges. A dental bridge can replace a single missing tooth, and the false tooth is anchored to covers that slip onto the real teeth that flank the tooth gap. Meanwhile, dentures can replace whole rows of teeth or even the entire mouth’s worth of teeth. This is common for elderly dental patients, who can have casts of their real teeth made for modeling the dentures.

Meanwhile, a patient may have tooth extraction done for wisdom tooth removal. Wisdom teeth threaten to disrupt the full mouth of 28 adult teeth, so once they grow in, harmful crowding may occur unless the wisdom tooth is numbed and then removed.

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