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Three Key Facts On Local Dentists


The importance of having a reliable family dentist cannot be stressed enough for families and parents across the United States. The value of teeth is paramount for many reasons and thus, a great family dentist is a bigger helper. Keep in mind that over 120 million American adults visited a dentist in the year of 2017. Therefore, people should take time to find local dentists near them for help with their teeth.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is an organization that works to represent dentists and collects information on the world of dentistry. Their data suggests that the cosmetic dentistry industry generates nearly $3 billion of revenue each and every year. However, only 33% of all patients are men whereas two-thirds are female. Anyone that wants help with their teeth needs help from a dentist. Here are three key facts on local dentists and more:

Dentists Can Provide Great Whitening Products

One of the biggest priorities for American is making sure their teeth are white and not yellow or stained. Now, activities like smoking cigarettes and consuming coffee can potentially stain and yellow teeth. However, local dentists can offer their patients premier whitening products to work on these kinds of teeth. Understand that in the year 2017 alone, nearly 40 million Americans used some form of tooth whiteners.

Everyone Cares About Their Smile

Even though people may not like going to their local family dental care facility, they do indeed care about their smile and teeth. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, or AACD, conducted a survey in which people were asked about the health of their smile. Almost 100% of all respondents stated that they believe it is socially important to have a healthy, good-looking smile! Therefore, it is wise to find a local dentist to help you maintain a healthy mouth.

Another survey in 2015 revealed that one-quarter of all respondents try to avoid smiling in their daily lives. This is a decision that directly deals with the overall quality and health of their mouth. Just about 23% of all respondents said that they are embarrassed because of their mouth. Furthermore, almost 14% say they reduce their social participation because of this and nearly 20% stated that they experienced anxiety because of their mouth.

Another survey conducted by the AACD has revealed that just about three-quarters of all adults in America believe their career will suffer because of an unattractive smile. Therefore, it is rather important for people to try and keep their smiles looking fresh. Especially if this can have any sort of effect or alteration on your career path and success.

Dentists Help Take Care Of Your Teeth

AACD data has revealed that over half of all adults age 50 and up believe that one of the most attractive features, as they age, is their smile. This is because it will potentially not fade or wrinkle like skin. However, the work of a talented dentist is required for this go to well. Plus, dentists are vital n helping people deal with cavities and more.

When teeth are not properly brushed and maintained, painful dental cavities will form. If these dental cavities are not taken care of then the tooth can potentially rot and decay, resulting in the tooth being pulled out. If you are someone with a dental cavity then you are not alone. As a matter of fact, almost 90% of all adults in the United States dealt with cavities between they years of 2011 and 2012.

Closing Words On Local Dentists and More

Every single year, there are plenty of Americans that begin to feel the need to fix up their teeth to make them look good. This is not just completely normal but it is a wise move. After all, people really place a lot of value on first impressions and your smile plays a big part in this. Do not hesitate to get help from local dentists that can help you maintain and manage your mouth and more!

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