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Three Reasons You Need a Dentist in Your Life Right Now


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There are people we don’t often think about in our everyday lives until something happens and they are all we can think about.

Imagine you are driving down a long and lonely road on your way home from work or even later at night coming home from a party. All of a sudden, a car veers into your lane and the two of you hit head on. Luckily, no one was killed because neither of the two of you was going very fast.

Who might be the person you think of first? Maybe your loved ones and how you could get in touch with someone. After a while, however, you might start thinking about your lawyer and, if you even have one, how you can get a hold of them.

Then you realize that a couple of your teeth are missing. You are bleeding. You hit your mouth on the steering wheel because the airbag didn’t come out. Now you look around and find the teeth on the floor just as the paramedics arrived on the scene to help you. You suddenly start thinking about the dentist and if anything can be done about your missing teeth.

Very few people would list their dentist as someone they think about routinely. That is no slight to any dentist. It is just hard to imagine finding anyone who actually likes to go to the dentist. Over the thousands of years that humankind has had teeth and needed people to work on those teeth for them when they had gone bad, pain free dentistry is not really a term that most people would agree could be possible.

Pain free dentistry is something that the dental world has been trying to achieve over the last half century. Depending on the procedure, a great number of dentists are successfully able to claim that their patients feel very little pain if any at all. As drugs and other methods become more and more advanced, pain free dentistry is getting closer and closer to the norm for dental procedures.

Excellent oral health is something that we all want to be able to claim for ourselves and for our families. It is becoming more achievable now that we know more about what hurts our teeth and what takes care of them. A healthy smile can go a long way toward a healthy life in general.

More than that, dental health can really work a number on our self- esteem. When we have a healthy smile, we feel more confident. At least 95% of people feel that a healthy smile makes someone more attractive to the opposite sex. If we don’t have a nice smile, say we get into a car wreck and lose a few and need dental implants, we feel very wary of contact with others, even becoming depressed. Almost 75% of people believe a bad smile will even hurt their careers.

Our smiles are very important to us. We all want to put our best foot forward and putting that first foot forward with a huge smile on our face makes us much more happy to be alive.

So, the next time you think about it, take a look around for the kind of dentist you can trust. The kind of dentist who will be able to take care of you over your life-long journey with your teeth and the kind of dentist that will be there for you in an emergency. Even if your regular dentist doesn’t do all of the procedures you might need, He or she will definitely be able to show you where to go for the best care anywhere.

When it comes to our smiles, it takes a village. Sure, you have to do the work of brushing and flossing and regular care on your own, but a good dentist will be there for you when you need the much more serious procedures, like surgery. Pain free dentistry is something all dentists hope they can practice. The better they get, the more often they will get thought of in passing.

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