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What Does a Holistic Dentist Do?

A holistic dentist is different from a general dentist. The video explains what they do.

Focus On the Whole Body

Holistic dentists, unlike general dentists, will use products that heal teeth and promote the overall well-being of their patients.

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Therefore, they will use herbal products to clean their teeth. For teeth that need filling, a holistic dentist will avoid using materials such as silver due to their toxicity.


A holistic dentist avoids the use of invasive procedures on their patients. They will recommend or prescribe supplements to treat teeth. General dentists may prefer to perform surgery to heal their patient’s teeth.


A holistic dentist will use herbal products to treat their patients rather than mainstream dental products. Patients who see a holistic dentist consider how the products can affect their health. The holistic dentist will listen to them and build a relationship with them. They will then prescribe products that promote general health.

Patient Relationship

A holistic dentist develops a long-term relationship with their patients. In addition to treating teeth, the holistic dentist may advise and monitor the patient’s diet and spiritual life. These require consistent monitoring to ensure good health.

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