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Why Are Americans So Obsessed With The Perfect Smile?


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Waiting for your dentist appointment sometimes isn’t an option.

Sometimes the pain is just too much and you need to figure out what’s hurting your jaw and fast. Other times you have an unexpected event coming up and you really want to get your dental crowns in so you don’t risk greeting new people with a lackluster smile. Emergency dental services are a resource you need to tap into for those treatment plans that just can’t wait. Digital x-rays can be provided for serious pain, implants can be offered for lost teeth and even teeth cleaning can be done if you’re on the cusp of a cavity.

You know about urgent care and the emergency room. Let’s look at the dental side of things.

Everyone wants a nice smile. In fact, the American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry found 99% of respondents to their survey saying a good smile is socially important. The West is considered rather unique compared to other parts of the world for the almost social obsession with a pair of glittery whites. Teeth should not just be bright, they should be even and free of chips. Should you be noticing a few cracks in your own smile digital x-rays, dental veneers or a teeth whitening session could be in your future.

When half of the population is unhappy with the way their teeth look, you can see why cosmetic dentistry is starting to gain popularity. Over 80% of people reported in a study a noticeable difference in their smile after an in-office teeth whitening procedure. This is much higher than the number of people who attempted an over-the-counter product. Due to the very stubborn nature of plaque and yellowing, a whitening strip often doesn’t have the strength to peel away this layer and return your smile to its former glory.

Crown and bridge replacements can also be an option revealed by digital x-rays. Over 15 million people in the United States (and counting) have crown and bridge replacements for missing teeth. The most common reason for lost teeth are sports accidents, though car accidents and poor dental hygiene also play a part. Your local dentist can provide implant support dentures or regular implants, depending on your age, and give you the ability to smile with confidence once more. Preventative care is just as important as emergency care and an aspect you should become comfortable with.

Did you know one out of every five Americans have one or more untreated cavities? This number is much higher the lower the household income, suggesting a link between poverty and poor dental hygiene. Cavities can be easily prevented with regular flossing and brushing, though it’s still very common to get degradation in the back of the mouth due to the cramped space. A yearly visit to the dentist for teeth cleaning can buff that right out and make sure you’re promoting good mouth health alongside your nightly routine.

Dental care includes digital x-rays to pinpoint unseen problems, a comprehensive exam to promote daily health and regular cleanings to stave off cavities. Emergency dentistry, in particular, is useful when you have pain so severe it can’t wait for a regular check-up. Should you have a wisdom tooth erupting or excessive gum bleeding worrying you, seek out an emergency dental service in your area. While it’s common to underestimate your teeth, you can even have a life-threatening situation on your hands if the pain is too much.

Prioritize your health. Keep emergency dental services on hand to keep your smile in check.

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