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There are a variety of dental services and procedures that can be done to alleviate any issues you’re having with your teeth and gums. This video gives visual examples of a variety of procedures.

The first procedure shows the process of adding facades to your teeth. A tool is used to shave off the superficial layer, and then a cleaning agent is added to clear the tooth of debris. A prosthetic facing is then added with an adhesive to give even shape and color to the teeth.

The next procedure is unimpacting wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to mouth pain and crowding. The top of the gum is opened, exposing the impacted tooth underneath. The dentist uses a tool to cut the tooth in half, and removes it in smaller chunks.

The next clips show various orthodontic therapies like retainers and braces which can fix misalignment, gap teeth, overbites, underbites, crowding, and more.

The video then shows how a dentist clears gums of gingivitis. Plaque is removed, and the tooth is cleaned off with a specialized cleaning fluid. The dentist then takes tissue from the roof of the mouth and grafts it to the damaged gum tissue.

For more examples of dental procedures, click on the link above.

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