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Things to Know About General Dentistry

In this video, you will learn about general dentistry. Some people wonder if it is better to specialize or go into general dentistry after dental school. If you have the option to specialize, you should do it.

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This also goes along with a general interest. It can really pay off because specialists tend to make the most money. Most general dentists wish they went into a specialization like orthodontics. All specialize are not equal. Oral surgeons make the most money, but it is very competitive. One thing he has heard is that specializes are kind of going away. There is this idea of a general dentist that can do anything. You cannot truly be good at everything. Average dentists might find it hard to get good at everything. There is always a place for specialists. Many general dentists will refer you to specialists. Some of these specialties are unique. If you can make it to a residency, it still might be hard to open your own practice. There is a lot to know about specialing in a dentist. Keep watching the rest of this video for more information.

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