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The video discusses charity dental events. Most people eventually need some sort of dental care. Dental care can be costly for people all around the world, and keeping up with it can be difficult. Fortunately, some dentists have decided to give back to their communities by offering residents charity care. An example of such an organization is the Fiji Dental Medical Foundation.

Video Source

This organization takes trips to different areas to provide charity dental care for those in that area. They have provided these services to residents for at least six years. They go to remote areas of Fiji and do dental work on the islands.

One of the dentists in the group is a recreational surfer who has spent a great deal of time on the islands. He became friends with the island owner and some of the staff members and noticed that they’d have more missing teeth each time he visited. He eventually decided to look into the situation more. He found that the residents lacked quality dental care, and their teeth were deteriorating for that reason. The idea for creating a dental charity program stemmed from his compassion and desire to help other people. He explains the rest of the story in the video.

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