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What happens if you don’t clean your teeth? There are over 300 kinds of bacteria inside of your mouth. These bacteria eat any food particles left in your mouth after you eat. The bacteria multiply and create plaque. Plaque then creates bad breath, cavities and, eventually, rotten teeth. It also creates gum disease.

The importance of teeth cleaning cannot be overemphasized. Brushing twice a day helps keep the teeth free of plaque. Since brushes cannot get in between your teeth, flossing is needed at least once a day.

The only method of how to get your teeth clean enough to rid yourself completely of plaque is to go to a dentist at least twice a year for a professional cleaning. It’s best to get a professional cleaning combined with a check-up, but it is possible to make an appointment for just teeth cleaning.

The procedure for teeth cleaning lasts about thirty to sixty minutes. Not only will your teeth be cleaned, but so will your gums. Either a dentist or a dental hygienist will do the procedure. Your teeth are examined and then scraped clean. Cleaning often goes under the gumline to rid your gums of any pockets of plaque. Your teeth are then polished with a special gritty, fluoride toothpaste.

UPDATED 11/24/2020

Wondering what dental care is? Why do you need it? Do you have to go to the dentist? The answer is yes. It is advisable to visit the dentist every six months since there are countless reasons to visit a dentist. It would help if you visited a dentist more often to detect issues that require dental care early enough. Visiting a dentist helps you maintain clean teeth and a healthy mouth. Through a dentist, you can get a diagnosis of dental diseases and gum diseases, too.

Are there dentist offices near here?

How do I find a dentist? Are there dentist offices near here? Can I get a mobile dentist near me? The online world has answers to these questions. Various platforms have been developed with details on dentists in different areas. To get dental care services near you, search online at the comfort of your home.

Can you visit a dentist without an appointment?

Increased demand for dentists has resulted in most dentists encouraging patients to book appointments. In today’s dental world, you only have to know whether the dental services you are receiving care from trained personnel. To confirm this, you need a dentist provider number lookup. Get all the information regarding dentists to enjoy mobile dentists services near you.

Teeth are important for a person’s health, and many Americans take their dental health very seriously. After all, tooth pain can be distressing and expensive to deal with, and a person would not want crooked, discolored, or missing teeth in their mouth. Often, a person may feel poor about their social prowess if they have unattractive dental hygiene, so many Americans visit their dentist’s office once or twice a year. Americans often take their under-18 kids to the dentist as well, and pediatric dental care can help a child grow up with good teeth. For some Americans, though, a dental office may be difficult to reach or make an appointment for, so mobile dental services may be called upon instead. A mobile dentist can be convenient for some customers, and an online search such as “mobile dentist near me Atlanta GA” or “mobile dentist near me Los Angeles CA” is a good way to start. “mobile dentist near me” can show a number of mobile dentist offices operating in one’s area. How can “mobile dentist near me” lead to convenient dental care?

A Mobile Dentist

The regular paradigm for visiting the dentist is the make an appointment with one’s own private dentist at an office. This works well for many patients, but others may have transportation difficulties such as being wheelchair-bound or not having access to a taxi or car. In other cases, a person may have a busy schedule and not easily schedule an appointment with their dentist, so a mobile dentist can be used instead. A mobile dentist’s office may be a repurposed RV that is fully equipped for everyday dental care such as cleaning and checkups, or possibly procedures such as having crowns or sealants put in or some dental implants.

Such a dental office may not be quite fully equipped like a building-based dental office, but for many patients with busy schedules and limited dental needs, this arrangement may do just fine. A person can look up such services online and have a dental office visit their workplace, for example. There, the patient may get general dental care at their own convenience, no travel needed.

Advanced Dental Care

Why else might a person visit their dentist? While a mobile dentist office may have somewhat limited features, a dentist in general can do quite a lot for their patient. Sometimes, they are tasked with dealing with a tooth infection. Contrary to public thought, root canals are not frightening or painful, but instead a painless way to remove a tooth infection. During a root canal, the tooth is first numbed, then the dentist will surgically remove the infected fleshy pulp inside the tooth to remove the infection. This process does not even remove the tooth, although it may be slightly more fragile and will no longer feel heat or cold.

In other cases, a tooth might be removed from the mouth entirely. Why? Some infections are serious and the gums may be affected, and a tooth may soon fall out anyway. Or, a patient’s wisdom teeth may be coming in, and these teeth can cause problems if they fully emerge in the mouth. The adult human mouth has 28 teeth in it, but wisdom teeth exceed that number, and they can cause crowding if they emerge. Crowding pushes teeth out of their place and causes deformations, so someone who is getting their wisdom teeth is urged to visit the dentist. A dentist may numb the mouth and then have the emerging tooth extracted before it can cause problems.

By contrast, dental implants can replace missing teeth in the mouth. A missing tooth can be replaced with a dental bridge; that is, a replica tooth that is supported with covers that slip over real teeth. If there is a missing tooth, a replica tooth is held in the old tooth’s position when its covers are fitted over the real teeth flanking the gap. This can make eating and speech easier and make the mouth look better. Meanwhile, dentures do the same thing on a larger scale, and they may even replace entire rows of teeth or all teeth in the mouth. This is a popular option among the elderly, who can put in and remove their dentures at will.


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