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Local Dentists Are Learning to Navigate Ever Changing Safety Measures

The strict lockdown and quarantine in cities across the United States have already been lifted for several months. However, many people still choose to stay at home in self-isolation, as the threat posed by new variants of COVID-19 remains a severe public health issue.

When going outside the home, especially to public places like the supermarket, you should take the necessary step toward protecting yourself and those around you. Following standard safety protocol such as wearing a face mask, frequently using hand sanitizer, and maintaining a safe distance from others can definitely help.

But even with these precautionary measures, many folks still feel unsafe in public and postpone their scheduled visits to the local dentist.

While some may dismiss this concern, others take the issue seriously. Elderly people and those with comorbidities and underlying health problems do not find it a laughing matter.

Video Source

That’s why KSNT News took the time to explain in this video how Michel Dental is making a safe experience for its patients in the shadow of the pandemic.

Airborne diseases can easily transmit from an infected individual to another through close personal contact, coughing, and sneezing. As with other dental offices across the country, Michel Dental has implemented additional preventive measures to increase the level of protection for both patients and staff.

Check with your local dentist if these safety concerns are being addressed in their office.


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