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One In Four Adults Doesn’t Brush Twice Per Day Why You Should Take Better Care Of Your Teeth


Taking care of your teeth is a daily affair. You floss your teeth every night to prevent cavities from becoming painful root canals. You brush your teeth every morning to keep yellow and brown spots from forming. You even buy a few over-the-counter products to give your smile more of a shimmer. When your daily efforts are not enough, however, it’s time to consider a trip to the dentist. A professional can give your smile a once-over and figure out any issues you may be having without realizing, from gum disease to plaque build-up. You can even check out dental implants for missing teeth!

Quick Facts

Although keeping your smile healthy is a daily effort, many people don’t put in the necessary work to stave off cavities and build-up. One in four adults have been found not to brush twice per day (that’s a third of men) and one in 10 say they regularly forget to brush their teeth at all. That’s nothing to say of flossing, which has even more painful statistics.

How Often Do People Visit The Dentist?

Visiting your local top dentist will ensure your mouth health is in peak condition no matter what. Failing to do so can see small issues sliding by unnoticed and becoming major problems when you need it least. Unfortunately, statistics have shown only half of adults visiting their dentist every six months. Professionals recommend you schedule an appointment with general dentistry at least once per year. Fillings and veneers can be completed quickly, returning your mouth to its former splendor in no time at all.

What Are Common Health Issues?

There are a multitude of health issues that can strike at any given time, requiring fillings or crowns to solve. Gingivitis is a disease of the gum characterized by sensitivity and excessive bleeding, often cropping up from a lack of flossing. Constant smoking can blacken gums and leave brown spots, to boot, and should be reduced if you want to keep a consistently healthy and happy mouth.

Why Do People Seek Out Cosmetic Dentistry?

You can see a dentist for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps you have fillings that need to be replaced after an accident. This can be done with the aid of a professional dentist in no time at all. When you have yellow stains or brown spots? A cosmetic dentist can do some visual work to bring more confidence in your smile. Studies have shown around half of the American population is unhappy with their teeth due to discolored teeth or a crooked tooth.

How Confident Are Most People With Their Teeth?

A lovely smile goes a long way. According to a survey conducted by AACD, nearly all of adult respondents said a healthy smile is socially beneficial. This can mean feeling confident when going out on a date or showing off your best first impression when applying for a new job. All in all, making a habit out of visiting the dentist once per year should be as consistent as flossing and brushing regularly. Over three million people have implants and nearly 15 million people have replaced missing teeth with crowns. How will a dentist help you this year?

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