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The Benefits of Braces


Many children and adults in the US wear braces because of the benefits they offer. Braces do much more than just straighten your smile. keep reading to learn the benefits of braces.

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Let’s start with some common oral problems that can be fixed with braces. Aligning underbites, correcting overbites, straightening and filling gaps in your smile, and adjusting protrusions and misaligned teeth are all common conditions resulting in braces.

How does having straight teeth help maintain good oral health? Well, when teeth are misaligned, they are more likely to trap bacteria and food particles. Even after brushing, this bacteria gets left behind. This leads to plaque build-up, gum disease, discoloration, and other health problems.

Do braces have benefits other than oral health benefits? Of course! Braces provide an improved sense of self-esteem and confidence all while correcting your oral issues. They allow you to feel comfortable in your own skin and you can even choose unique colors for your braces to show off your individuality.

Still curious about braces? To learn more about the benefits of braces both on your oral health and overall health, watch the video above!


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