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How to Care for Your Braces


If you have lived with crooked teeth for a while, you know the value of orthodontics. An orthodontist can give you the smile you want with a little bit of time and some fancy equipment. If you’re just about to get started on your journey with traditional braces, you need to learn how to clean them.

Your orthodontist or their support team will likely give you specific instructions on how to care for your oral health and your braces.

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However, it’s never a bad thing to get prepared early.

The video on this page can teach you what to expect when it comes to caring for your braces and teeth at home. For example, brushing around braces can be confusing for the first few times you do it. You’ll need to treat the braces as the three-dimensional objects they are, so make sure you clean all of their exposed sides.

Flossing can be especially difficult with traditional braces. Your orthodontist or an assistant should give you tools to help. The video will show you how to use them to clean the gaps between your teeth.

Be careful to avoid the foods your orthodontist tells you to avoid. Sticky or exceptionally hard foods can damage braces or increase your risk of tooth decay.


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