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When Do You Need a Crown Put In?


Tooth pain can interrupt your daily life, making drinking, eating, and even talking painful. As you age you will need to put more care into your teeth. Sometimes dental crowns are your only option. Here is how to know when you might need a crown, and what will happen if you do.

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Your tooth can wear down over time from trauma, decay, fillings, and even your bite. Having a crown put in can prevent more wear, and even stop your tooth from breaking. You will be able to see a broken tooth or feel pain in the root before you have a crown put in.

The process of putting in a crown can be longer than you might expect. Your dentist will need a few visits to numb the area and form and prep the tooth. You might need a build-up inserted, and that will happen in a second visit. This is to help support the crown on your tooth. A mold will be taken of your tooth, and that will be sent to a lab while you wear a temporary crown. A custom crown will be placed and cemented when it is received by the dentist.

You will probably experience some discomfort, but the crown should eventually feel like any other tooth. Talk to your dentist about your procedure if you have any more questions.


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